Monday, October 17, 2011

E-Session : Behind the Scenes

We were all ecstatic one lovely Sunday morning (October 16,2011) for our long overdue and early engagement shoot. Long overdue because we booked our photographer friend as early as April, a month after Dave and I got engaged, also early for the wedding that will take place next year.

We headed to our shoot location as early as 6.15am since the travel will take us one and twenty minutes or so. We prayed before going there and asked the Lord for protection and blessings for the whole day. We have been blessed with a wonderful and fun shoot and lots of food, praise God! Here are few of the beautiful things that day. 

1) Picnic Theme

     Dave and I wanted to have a fun shoot that is true to us, something that reflects who we are individually and as a couple. I first thought of this picnic theme since we both love nature. We both like to recreate with nature and can spend a day wandering in a forest, hiking, taking pictures, camping, etc. Since he is a musician, we brought along with us a guitar, he played and I sang. Since I am into reading inspirational books, we also brought along some and read together.

2) Fishing Theme

    We have gone fishing quite a few times already and this is one of the activities we do to bond as a couple. Way back then as a kid, I spent a lot of time fishing in our province. We had this clean and fish-filled river (now gone) that served as a abundant source of water in our place (remembering those days). No, we are not professionals when it comes to fishing but it is one of our favourite past times as a couple, plus, it teaches us to be more patient.

3) Playful Theme

    Why playful? Because we are like playful children in many ways, laugh on silly jokes, tell lesson-filled stories, and 'lambing' like a child. We also wanted to have it fun and colorful. Makulay ang buhay!

4)  Miss Wonderful Photographer

     We have been so blessed to have a dear photographer friend who helped us a lot in our preparation and all the way through our shoot. Carem even spent time with us to discuss details of the shoot and was as excited as we were (even more I think haha :p). It really helps a lot when you are friends with the photographer (befriend them if you are hiring photographers that are not your friends) because it creates a setting where you are more relaxed and can be just yourselves. I think we spent a lot of times giggling and laughing throughout the shoot and that would make beautiful candid pictures (right Carem?). Even more lovely with her is that she contaminates her cheerfulness, a happy photographer makes happy pictures . :)

5) Ever-ready stylists/assistants
     Aby and Ivy were also with us to help us with the shoot and were excited to go to Merimbun for the first time. We can't thank you enough ladies for being there and helping us set the shoot, from the hair and make-up to accessories and especially your time (kering-keri ang pagbibilad sa arawb :D).

6) Bountiful Lunch by Kuya Romy
     Picnic lunch over the green meadows, calm lakes and cool-hot breeze (ok, 'twas mostly hot breeze - but never mind) we enjoyed a full seafood lunch courtesy of dear Kuya Romy. Thank you so much kuyang. We felt so loved and cared for. Praise God for your kindness. Alongside with Kuya Romy were Elmer (thank you for the chips mer) and Kuya Benj. Thank God for your time, blessings to you all!

7) The location - Tasek Merimbun

     When we planned for this shoot, Dave had already had Merimbun in mind. The place was perfect for our two themes, picnic and fishing. We visited the place 2 weeks before the shoot to plan ahead. Even we had to travel for more than an hour to get into the place, it was all worth it. And we had a perfect weather! What a bonus!

8) Something blue (outfits) and something borrowed
    We have planned this shoot ahead and we see to it that we are not going to spend a lot. My dress/blouses and Dave's polos/pants were all budget-friendly (very budget-friendly). For the accessories, it was a blessing that Ivy brought her turban, bangles and earrings to complete my bohemian look for the fishing theme. Thank you so much Bella!

All of these blessings were brought to us by the Greatest Provider.. Thank you dear Lord for all of these!!

I was teary-eyed by the end of the day realizing all the blessings (kasama na rin ang pagod :))..

Blessings to us all!!! To God be all the glory!