Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Sweet, Simple DIY Wedding!

Weddings are one of the most beautiful events that could happen in a man and woman's life and ours is not an exception (of course!). I think it is because two hearts have decided for that lifetime commitment through uphills and downhills, sweetness and bitterness, etc. Mind you, it isn't easy but totally worth it. We have a long way to go - a lifetime actually - to stand on what we have promised to each other that one fine day in front of the altar. So, I'd like to write ( in a form of caption before each picture) bits and pieces of  our May 5, 2012 affair. :)

 This is one my favourite bridal portraits because even I only had one hour + sleep I made it through the day gracefully. Thanks be to God for the strength and peace he put into my heart that all will be well.

 The gown's design was personally picked by me - from a few inspirations into one. It fit very well the first time I tried it.

The handsome groom who looked dapper with his black suit and a bow tie. 

The theme of the wedding is combination of peach corals, peachy pinks, dark and baby pinks and anything in between. There goes my B$29.00 shoes that I am still using even after the wedding.  

Flower girl Jai-jai who made way for the bride with the sign created by Dave's colleague and friend.

Crying bride, said to my self '' This is it!''

With the beautiful entourage

Took some couple portraits after the ceremony. ''Just Married'' buntings were done by yours truly.

Some details at the reception - Our favors were personalized fruit jams. Decorations included paper lanterns in candy colors. Centerpieces were from the hotel to save cost. Table numbers are our pictures holding a number sign.

Family pictures were hung at the reception in honor of our families who were not present on our wedding.

Our very own friends were the ones who graced the reception with our favourite music.

Got playful during the cutting and eating of cake :)

Our wedding could be just one of those weddings but for us it was a beautiful story that I would love to tell to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Because the best part is, it was coordinated by our loving Father. He sent people to help us along the way. It was Him who made all things possible.

Photos by our friend photographer Dominic Barrios, click here!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Our DIY Wedding : The Preparation

Better late than never. Yes, it's been a more than a month since our wedding and finally I got the time and zeal to reminisce the preparations that we had on our May 5, 2012 wedding. It is nice to bring back those efforts exerted, the fun at shopping items, those sweet memories, relationships tested, friends' helping hands and God's overflowing providence.

Let me start off with the bridal shower and/or stag party combined. It is a tradition in the community that when someone's getting married, brothers and sisters will gather together to have fun with the couple. Games, honoring and advises.. and lots of laughter 

What comes next are the little things about wedding. 

We had marriage ban posted weeks before the wedding! :)

Dave and I wanted to have a simple and personalized affair with the people dear to us. We decided to have things crafted by ourselves that reflect who we are us a couple. Laid back, simple and sweet.

Groomsmen and sponsors' boutonnieres that I did myself :)

Inspiration that I got from the web for one of the flower girls' sign to carry!

Mustache for the photo wall that we also did ourselves!

The signage at the photo wall :)

DIY flower girl basket :)
Love and support from family and friends are for me the best part of any wedding :)

Our wedding was also DIO (Did It Ourselves). It wouldn't had been possible if not for all the people who had always been there for us.

 And many many more... Will be posting the wedding day's details in the next post.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

That Thing We Yearn

Green meadows.
Cool summer breeze.
Tiny wild flowers.
Chirping birds.
Colorful butterflies.
Oh that profound peace.
photo from google images

I see myself blowing dandelions. Extending arms to feel the wind. Just pure worship.
We all want that beauty in our soul, that peace from within. Free from anything. Embracing that unconditional love from the Father. 

I remember when I was a kid I would stare at the beauty that nature can offer. I close my eyes. I danced like a little girl in a ballet tune. I swing my arms around. That wonder. That peace.

I longed to be in a rain forest. With the rays of the sun passing through the leaves of the trees. 
Singing praises. That beauty. That peace.
photo from shutterstock

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Smiles for 2011 - Cheers to a Blessed 2012!

Memories. Lessons. Relationships. Courage. Hope. Love. Blessings...

These describe what wonderful 2011 had been. Looking back, it was all new for me. I grew (and still growing) into a woman that God has planned for me. 2011 was the year when I started a whole different job. I had to learn the basics which I am very grateful of. I wanted this job and it was all worth it. It also taught me to be more confident, assertive,and courageous.

I handled a household group, finally, after two groups that I was not able to finish facilitating due to schedule and work circumstances. I would like to put it this way, it was all God's plan. I only have to follow. At the moment, I am caring a small group of 3 beautiful ladies whom the Father has entrusted me.

Dave formally asked for my hand in marriage last March 12, 2011. As we are preparing for a summer wedding this year, all this preparations made us better communicators which in turn shape us into more loving and understanding individuals. We have a long way to go but we are grateful for the instances that made us learn lessons, sometimes in a hard way.

We are grateful for the many unseen blessings. Blessings that we may have taken for granted. Those little things that make life as wonderful as it should be. Laughter shared with friends, deeper relationships. All throughout the year, we are perfectly healthy - what more could we ask for?

For the year 2012, I am looking forward to a more grateful heart. Always be reminded that God has blessed and will bless me and the people around abundantly. Looking forward to becoming a daughter that reflects Him. To God be all the glory! All praises and thanksgiving belong to Him!