Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 12, 2011

..And then he (Dave) formally asked for my hand in marriage. Sealed.

I didn't quickly realized he was serious because it was when he picked me up that Sunday morning to go to church together for the mass, so early that I perceived as untimely for a 'proposal'. So I said ok, and he asked me again. By this time I realized he is serious. He gave me the ring and just hugged him. I replied ''Uu naman''. (teary-eyed and blushed at this point). When I asked him why did he ask me that early, he replied ' I just can't wait it until the end of the day'. He was pretty sure that I would say yes but just to be 'sigurado' and seal it formally was so thoughtful and sweet of him. Well, I was kind of expecting that he would do so haha as he was bringing me to jewelry shops few weeks before that. He made sure that I would have the ring that would perfectly fit me and something that I prefer too.
I never thought of it until when we arrived at the church, every time I have a glimpse with the tiny thingy on my finger I am reminded that I am getting married soon.
I am going to be Mrs. Goh Chi Kiong :).