Saturday, September 26, 2015

How Do I Thank Thee

How Do I Thank Thee

For taking me out of the pit
Of self righteousness and pride
And replace it with your humility
That I may be worthy of You

For opening my eyes
To the many sins I have been blind of
And offer me Your unfailing grace
That I may be set free

For teaching me Your Word
And open my heart of your truths
And keep me hunger for more
That I may always abide in You

For pouring out Your love and forgiveness
To my wretched self
And help me receive them
That I may extend them to others

For opening my hand and heart
And help me let go
For the things that are beyond my control
That I may completely trust Your ways

For calling me your child
And that you are my Abba Father
Who always had been there for me
Even I forget You
And hold on the things of this world
You pursued me
And here I am

I hope and pray 
To see You face to face one day...

*photo from FN