Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shining Silver Year!

July 13, 2011 was my shining silver year as I turned 25 gracefully. Wow! time flies just so fast that I think I skipped my early 20's. Thank God for these blessed years. I've a lot to count to. Counting blessings is way better than worrying about the future. (Easier said than done as they say but I say, just try, and you'll see wonders).

I've always wanted birthdays to be silent. I told Dave that we'll celebrate it together - only the two of us. Well, I was actually minding the budget here (haha). It's just I am not used to having parties during my birthday. Most of the time, I don't tell anyone. I even blocked my Facebook wall, so no one can greet me. Being the melancholy type, during my college years I would celebrate my day alone; I go to church, pray and just be alone with myself.

But Dave has his way of making it silent yet something special. And so we asked two of our dear friends to have dinner with us. Later that night we went to a Japanese restaurant, well, expecting that there will only be four people I was not surprised that he booked the bigger table. After a while dear Ate Lis and Kuya Romy arrived, I was very glad they came. Part of Dave's silent-yet-special surprise to me. Then later Don Henz and Jobelle. Food was great and even greater to be shared with them. I wish I could bring more friends there and then we'll wash dishes after (lol).

Happy 25th!

With blooming Wabby

Dave and Jim playing around with chopsticks

Guys: Don Henz, K Romy, Dave and Jim

Ladies: Wabby, Xen, Ate Lis,Jobelle

Delicious cheesecake from Topbake (I would love to bake this one day)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Easy Desserts (Decadent Mango Mousse)

This is the second part of the easy desserts that is being incorporated with ripe and sweet mangoes.
I was inspired to make this dessert after watching a local cooking show in the Philippines, and as far as i can remember I didn't list the ingredients, I just bought the ones I think would be needed. I used powdered mango juice as an alternative to add color, would have been better if mango puree was used.

- a can of condensed milk
- one small can of evaporated milk
- cups of crushed Grahams
- butter
- brown sugar
- powdered gelatin
- powdered mango juice (Tang)
- Ripe mangoes

* I can't remember the quantities anymore (again). I actually just estimated the ingredients since I didn't list anything from the show.

How To

1) For the Crust - Melt the butter. Add to the crushed Grahams until it becomes a bit wet. Add sugar.Depends on how sweet you want to be. [Mine was overly sweet that time. Dadi even joked at me and said '' Di ka masyadong sweet na girl, ang sweet sweet mo'' :D. He was referring to my dessert that has a very sweet crust.] Put in the refrigerator to set.

2) Boil water and add the powdered gelatin (or the gelatin bars). Stir continuously. Pour in condensed and evaporated milk to add texture. I estimated mine that day. And was always conscious of the sweetness. I tasted it every now and then.

3) Stir into the mixture in low heat mango juice in powder to add some color and flavours too.

4) Let it set for a while for about a minute and pour it into the crust that is in the pyrex pan.

5) Before it hardens, incorporate some freshly sliced (or diced) mangoes. Chill in the refrigerator until its firm and ready to eat. Enjoy!

Here it is!

Decadent Mango Mousse - Xen's Style

This was made one weekend with the Alcids ;)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Easy Desserts (Graham Cake)

Two of the easiest desserts anyone can make: Mango Graham Cake & Simple Decadent Mango Mousse. I don't like mangoes reciprocally speaking ;).

 Mango Graham Cake
- This dessert has been very popular ever since Graham crackers entered the biscuits/crackers industry. And so one weekend with the Alcids I made this easy-to-make dessert with a little twist.

- Graham crackers
- All purpose cream
- Condensed Milk
- Sweet Mangoes
- Pineapple tidbits (garnish)

* My apology I can't remember the quantity of the ingredients. What I did was all estimation.

How To:
1) Mix all-purpose cream and condensed milk together. Put in the refrigerator to thicken a bit.
2) Cut the mangoes thinly so to easily arrange them in a pyrex pan.
3) Arrange Graham crackers at the bottom of the pan.
4) Pour in mixed cream and condensed milk.
5) Add slices of mangoes.
6) Repeat steps 3-5, depends on how many layers you want.
7) Put some pineapple tidbits on top or fruit cocktail on top to garnish. (Optional)

Photo from my reliable old Nokia phone

Tadaaa!! Here's my first mango graham cake! I gave it as a present to Anya (Dave's older brother) and Ate Jen for their wedding anniversary. Labour of love :).