Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Girlfriends' Date

                                 From Left to Right : Aby, Xenia, Sheena, Ivy

These beautiful and radiant young ladies were with me one lovely night (March 29,2011).
We shared a full dinner at padang near the COLA - Church of our Lady of Assumption.
Glad to have them as the members of the group I am facilitating, they are 5 in all, not in picture are Phaw and Joan who went back to Philippines to process her documents. I had a date with Phaw the day before.

Aby is a cheerful young lady who hopes to find her prince charming and get married asap (according to her) haha peace abby :D. She works as an accounts assistant in Jollibee Brunei.

Sheena is a fine young woman who's very supportive of her fiance'. They're planning to get married soon.
She has been very grateful of the love that she is receiving from her future in-laws.

Ivy is the unica hija, as in only child and no siblings. When asked if given the chance would she want any siblings and she replied a giggling yes :). This young lady always smiles,her cute laugh is just contagious. :)

More dates coming soon.....