Saturday, February 19, 2011

Catching Up The Breeze

                                                                  Dave and Xen
                                                                Walking barefoot :)
                                                                  Tin, Wabby Aike and Xen
                                                               Tintin muni-muni mode :D

Holiday. No work. Road trip.Bonding time.Share the laughter. Beautiful day.

I love the candidness and the joy shown on the pictures above.
It was a warm morning when we decided to go to the beach, to enjoy the sea breeze.
Then we decide to take our brunch at a Chinese restaurant nearby.
After which, Jim (not in photo) suggested that we'd go to a rainforest mini falls along the way and so we went.
They swam, Dave, Tin and I didn't. I love the coolness of water as it is at the middle of the virgin forest.

It was a lovely day indeed.

Sa uulitin ;)....