Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Travels Revisited - Mindanao Delights!

 This is going to be a 'reminiscing' post since we have been to Davao, Camiguin and Zamboanga - all Mindanao provinces a year ago. When I happened to browse the pictures again, I thought of posting it here since this blog is all about blessings worth remembering. (puts a smile on my face)

Let's start with the peaceful Davao. It was our first time to fly to Davao for the SFC International Conference. Upon arriving at the airport I noticed the tranquility of the area plus the sun was about to set that time which adds that tranquil feeling. After having our conference for about 2 days we had the chance to roam around the city. The city is very clean that says how disciplined the DavaoueƱos are. We were only able to visit the crocodile park - sort of like a mini zoo with the highlights of crocodile. I was literally excited as a child since it was my first to be in a zoo (grins). Here are some of the animals in the park.

Smart Carlo @ Crododile Park

After a very fruitful and a blessed conference, we had our 'biglaan' trip to Camiguin. At first I was hesitant as we had a very tight schedule, but convinced at the same time to go since I have heard how beautiful the island is. So there, I said yes to our dear Mama Bear :). We made the most of our one day and one night stay at Camiguin (whom locals fondly pronounced it as 'come again'). The place is just so inviting with its beautiful clear beaches, thick forests, hot and cold springs, and the famed mount Hibok Hibok. I would want to 'come again' this beautiful island to really explore and be amazed by what nature can offer.

Sunken Cemetery

Remains of what used to be a church during Spanish era
Next stop before going back to Manila was Zamboanga City - Asia's Latin City. I am not new to this city I spent 4 years here finishing my Bachelor's degree. A lot of people are telling me that Zamboanga's local dialect is relatively the same with Spanish, yes, Chavacano is also known as broken Spanish by some folks. I like how diverse the city is with a lot of ethnicity and cultures mixing together. There are Cebuanos/Bisayan, Tausug, Ilonggo, Tagalog, local ZamboangueƱos and a lot more to boot. Even so, the city is safe for me amidst all the news that has surpassed that sometimes are just exaggerated. We had a relaxing stay here before our flight, thanks to the generosity of our dear Kuya Romy.
Seafood Special @Alavar's

Paseo del Mar (A walk by the sea) - I google translated it