Saturday, October 1, 2011

Revisited - Enchanted Kingdom with the Alcids

It was my first time to meet Dave's family. I was pretty excited about it since he already introduced me to them thru phone conversations and chats and they seemed to be very nice. I was right in many ways.

Together with his siblings we planned to have a family bonding where everybody can have fun - Enchanted Kingdom at Laguna would be the best place to go since almost all of us haven't gone there. Suggested. Finalized. Prepared. We're ready to go.

'Twas an hour drive from Cavite to Enchanted Kingdom, children were singing and made up some stories in between. His nieces and a nephew were all excited as I was, felt like a kid once again. As we arrived EK a lot of people queued at the entrance, there were categories with the entrance fee i.e. ride all-you-can or the selected rides only. We took the ride all-you-can to fully enjoy the trip. There are a lot of attractions and activities in the theme park but I mostly enjoyed the river rafting at rio de grande rapids. We stayed there for hours as we all bonded as family. Enchanted Kingdom is great for family fun weekends! I would recommend

Nieces and a nephew (MJ , AJ, CJ, HJ) - Madeline Joe, Ashley Jen, Caleb Joshua and Hannah Joe
Dave's accommodating and kind parents Mami and Dadi and cousin Mylene
While on top of  the ferris wheel, I still managed to smile though I was a bit scared.. It was so high!
Little china town at EK

Enchanted Kingdom at night

Revisited - Tagaytay with KingKong

The cool breeze, fresh air, beautiful scenery, warm people are few words to describe Tagaytay - one of the beautiful and tourist-drawing spots in the Philippines. Tagaytay trip for a day was one of our itineraries during our two-week vacation last Feb 2010. I have been wanting to go there and experience the zip line ride - which was one of the things I wanted to do even before I was in college, or we call it the 'bucket list'. And yes, as simple as it may seem but I really believe dreams do come true. I still can remember when a college friend of mine and I shared our dreams, the things we want to do when we graduate and that included this zip line ride.
Dave and I decided to bring along a dear friend, King, much more of a younger brother to us. Since he left Brunei and stayed in the Philippines for good, we exchanged stories while on the way to Tagaytay. We enjoyed sight seeing, picture taking and just being with each other, and oh did I mention that cool breeze that made us unaware how sunny it was and got us tanned unconsciously.
Look at how tanned we were
Luckily my shoes didn't fall off, well actually almost

Mount Taal, Tagaytay Batangas