Saturday, May 21, 2011

i - SWER!

Twenty days ago (as of this writing), 8 soon-to-be-married couples have been blessed enough to have SWER [Singles Weekend Engagement Retreat] organized by our beloved titas and titos, ates and kuyas from the community. It has been an overwhelming experience for us in preparing ourselves for the popular vocation - marriage.

*April 30, 2011 (7:00pm - 12midnight)
The night started with a sumptuous meal of pasta and pizza. It was in a form of group date that everyone enjoyed. Chikahan here and there :)

What followed was more of filling the spiritual needs for to-be-married couples. Prayers and talks by our dear 'elders' in the community. Praise be to God for them who were with us throughout the retreat.
Group picture muna before the guys went to their quarters.
Ate Jane told us that to have some reflection time ('twas her way of staying us awake and still on our dresses for the surprise prepared for us). At nainip ako haha, nakabihis halfway ng pantulog when the guys had their surprise for us. Brought roses for their respective partner and danced while kuya Joms serenaded us. Dave also played the guitar to which I sang along.
A beautiful night indeed.
May 1, 2011 - And the lovely morning comes! We drove off to Empire Hotel to witness the rising of the sun while we (the couples) will have some time together. Pray. Talk. Bond.

The sun was just so gorgeous that day that we have to take the opportunity to have pictures by our resident photographer Ms. Carem :).  [Below : Dave and I]
Lovely Couple #1 - Kiko and Sheena . To be wed sometime in 2012.
Love couple # 2 - Sam and Girlie. To be wed on August 6, 2011.
Lovely couple # 3 Merf and Kitchie. Wedding is on July 30, 2011.
Lovely couple # 4 Jim and Aike. Wedding is set on May 12, 2011.
Lolo Berts wishing his mahal was there too.
Mi She and Yurie (was not able to attend due to some work restrictions) are the second pair to be wed, May 14, 2011.
Mi Lhen is missing her honey (Kuya Albert), they are getting married on August 13, 2011.
Kuya Amiel and Ate Jane who accompanied us throughout the event. ''Para na rin kaming nag reretreat'' as quoted from Ate Jane.

After the photoshoot, we headed back to Holiday Lodge Hotel for the rest of the program.
We ended the program filled with lessons. Stomachs are also filled hehe. We are all grateful for all who supported us, for those who sponsored and for those who prayed for us. Our hearts are filled with joy. Thanks and praise be to God for all of these. KKBBH!

Photos courtesy of Miss Carem Lemence :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mga Kasal-Kasali-Kasalo

Kasal - n. Two weddings of our dear friends (May 12 and 14) Jimmy Cabalu - Criselda Boller & Yurie Bautista - Sherryl Borromeo respectively.

Kasali - v. as in we are honoured to have attended the two weddings

Kasalo - v. Salo-salo with the foods at the celebration (lafang time hehe) but that's just the other part. In deeper sense, these two couples have become part of my/our lives.

Weddings have always fascinated people from different walks of life. Whenever I hear the word ' wedding', to me  it means two people have found enough courage to finally settle and be with the one they love forever. A lifetime commitment as they say.
It was my first and second time to finally witness a Catholic wedding in the church with the priest giving the mass. The first wedding I have attended is what they call intermarriage, in which the other party is not a Catholic that's why the ceremony doesn't include a celebration of the Eucharist to which a normal Catholic wedding does.
And so for the month of May, I feel blessed to be part of the weddings of my dear friends.

May 12 was a very special day for Jim and Aike a.ka. wabby as it marks the beginning of their union together. Family on both sides flocked from the Philippines just to witness their vows for each other. Before that day, we've helped them in ways that we can in decorating the church, preparing the materials for their big day, etc. And so the morning came, I went to the salon to curl my hair and Dave has pledged to take the doves for them. 'Twas 12 o' clock in the afternoon when we were set to go to church and witness their commitment to each other. Fr. Arin solemnized their vows in front of family and friends. Reception followed at Holiday Lodge Hotel where everyone shared a night of love and laughter and a lot of dancing hehehe.. Filles with love and fun wedding for these two :).. Congrats again Wabby & Jimboy!!
                   The now husband and wife together with Fr. Arin :) (Photo by Carem)
                          With the secondary sponsors (Photo by Kuya Nicky)
                          Dave and I lighting the candles  ( Photo by Kuya Nicky)
                           Wabby and I at the reception.. (Photo by Kuya Nicky)
                                Mga ayaw magpapicture hahaha :D
    I can't get enough with this girl with a big laugh.. I find her so cute hehe

After two days, it was Momi She and Yurs2x day of celebration of life and love. I wasn't present for the ceremony since I had to work whole day on Saturdays but I was able to attend the celebration. I've seen the joys on their faces. Such pure joy. I've known these two because we're batchmates in SFC (Singles for Christ). And I've witnessed their love story as well. So happy when it was made known that they will seal their love with the church's blessing. All the best for you Mi She and Yurs2x!!
           The couple with Bishop Sim & entourage [below] (Photo by Carem)
                                  At the reception ( Photo by Carem) 

    Many thanks to photographers Kuya Nicky and Carem (self-proclaimed hobbyist) :)

At sa huli, ang dami kong nakuhang tips for our wedding soon hehe.. KKBBH